Repeat Customer Discount

We care about our customers and to thank them for their business we provide a repeat customer discount, this can be used on everything except for machines or pallets.


How do I qualify for my Repeat Customer Discount?

  1. Create an account so our system can track your orders.
  2. Place your first order (Free Samples do not count).


How do I use my Repeat Customer Discount?

  1. Login to your account with previous orders.
  2. Place an order, you should see the discount automatically show up in the checkout.
  3. If you have trouble getting the discount to show up please enter the discount code manually: LOVECUPS


What if I forgot to create an account?

If you have ordered in the past and didn't create an account please contact our customer support team. We should be able to send you an account invite to the email address on the order.